Ragged Exclusive: Go Radio Tuning Through The Static


July 14, 2011

Many of you have already gotten to meet our friends in Go Radio at our set-up at the American Rag booth on Van’s Warped Tour. As we’re gearing up for a follow-up interview with the guys (thanks to Seventeen Magazine Style Council correspondent Michelle!), we’re excited to publish for you their special alumni feature straight from the pages of the new issue of Ragged. Be sure to download the complete issue as a free PDF here, and pick up a free physical copy of the issue at the American Rag booth all summer long at Warped!


When RAGGED spoke with Go Radio frontman Jason Lancaster last year, his old, beat-up cell phone had broken and he was in dire need of a new device. Now, a year later, the singer can’t get enough of his iPhone and highly addictive apps like Angry Birds and Call of Duty. It’s not just a technological upgrade, it’s a symbolic correlation to connectivity and the growing success his band has experienced in the past year.

Since February, Go Radio has had a relentless touring schedule, culminating in the band’s first headlining tour, which proved to be an overwhelming success.

“It’s amazing to see kids come out to the shows, sing all the songs and are here just to see us—it’s a tremendous feeling,” Lancaster explains before the band’s gig in Oklahoma City.

Over the past year, the Tallahassee-based outfit completed and released its acclaimed first LP, Lucky Street, in March on Fearless Records, which peaked at Number 73 on the Billboard 200.

“It’s been an incredible year,” Lancaster remarks. “We got really, really lucky with our producer, Tim O’Heir [who has also worked with The All-American Rejects and Say Anything], and he brought out the best sound that we could possibly make. The fans seem to love it and are really supporting the new record.”

If this wasn’t enough for the quartet, it is set to head out on its first Warped Tour in late June. For Lancaster, this symbolizes how the band’s fortunes are on the rise.

“Right now, we’re watching the ball roll and it’s amazing,” he says.

The band’s scheduled 48-minute set should give fans, both new and old, a pretty clear understanding of what the band’s about, which, according to Lancaster, is just fine. “The way the set is organized, we’re basically saying, ‘Here we are and we’re Go Radio,’ and we really hope that everyone likes it, but if they don’t, then maybe we’re not for them,” he reasons. “We’re playing a longer set on Warped, but it’s pretty much the same set, keeping the energy up and having a good time.”

Go Radio will be playing on the Warped Tour’s Glamour Kills stage (one of the largest of the mid-sized stages), a great opportunity for where the band is at in its career. It may not be the main stage, but it will give the band wide exposure to the summer festival’s enormous crowds.

To say the band is excited wouldn’t do it justice.

“It’s scary, but it’s exciting at the same time,” Lancaster confesses. “Warped Tour is where you put your dues in and earn your stripes. When you go out and make it through Warped Tour, you get to the next level. Plus we’re going to be out playing on tour all summer, how could you possibly complain about such a great thing?”

Easy: You can’t. R

posted by Staff